Canadian Advertising Slogans (Past and Present)

A cup of Fry’s is a cup of food – Fry’s Breakfast Cocoa (1945)
A good chew and peanuts too – Eat More
A new toy every day – Lego
A partner in building your business – Globe and Mail
A taste so good you’ll want to share it – Salada Tea
A very resourceful company – Noranda
A very timely investment – Canada Savings Bonds
Add it to your engine oil – Rislone (1948)
All you want us to be – Ottawa Citizen
And the listening is easy – CJEZ EZ Rock
Answering your call – Bell
Anytime is tea time – The Ceylon Tea Bureau (1934)
Be wiser – Kayser gloves (1945)
Because it fiiits! – Brown’s Short Man’s Store
Believe it – Sav-on Foods
Big or tall we fit them all – George Richards
Black’s is photography
Blue smiles along with you – Labatt Blue
Building relationships based on performance – Royal Trust
Built for Drivers – Pontiac
Canada’s best car buy – Vanguard (1954)
Clean as need be – Sunlight
Clean yes. Germs no – Lysol
Coffee Crisp makes a nice light snack
Come to sea for yourself – Nova Scotia
Connect to things that really matter – Bell
Doesn’t scratch – Old Dutch Cleanser (1936)
For that priceless look – Coro Pearls (1944)
For the pause that refreshes – Coca Cola
Freedom 55 – London Life
Fresh not frozen. Now that’s class. – Wendy’s
Friendly, foreign and near – Canada
Get Cracking – Eggs
Give like Santa, save like Scrooge – Canadian Tire
Good things grow in Ontario Foodland
Guaranteed for life – Parker Pens
Hair looks better…feels better with – Vaseline Hair Tonic (1944)
Happy Motoring – Esso
Harvey’s makes your hamburger a beautiful thing
Hasn’t scratched yet – Bon Ami
Home of the Handyman – Home Hardware
How Beautiful Feels – Vaseline
I Am Canadian – Molson Canadian
I can sit – Leon’s
If it’s Community, it’s correct – Community Silver Plate (1944)
It is possible – Bank of Montreal
It tastes awful and it works – Buckley’s Cough Mixture
It’s mainly because of the meat – Dominion
Keep your best face forward with Yardley Lavender (1943)
Kills germs yet safe to use – Listerine
Let Listerine look after your breath
Long grain rice that’s ready in five minutes – Minute Rice
Look who’s drinking Pepsi now – Pepsi
Makes beef sing -HP Sauce
Mmmm…I love Turtles. Are you getting yours? – Smiles and Chuckles
More and better things for more people – General Motors (1944)
Mr. Christie you make good cookies
Nooobody – Bad Boy
Not just a soap – a scientific breakthrough – Woodbury Facial Soap (1932)
Now you’ve got control – Yokohama Performance Radials
One of life’s sweet mysteries – Caramilk
Only in Canada? Pity – Red Rose Tea
P&G washes more clothes clean than any other – P&G Naptha Soap (1932)
Really Really Comfortable – Fruit of the Loom
Relax. It’s just a game – Canadian Hockey Association
Service runs in our family – Gulf
Swedish for common sense – Ikea
Taste that will stop you cold – Molson Canadian
The before hand lotion – Trushay (1945)
The best of the sea from – Highliner
The helpful bank – Royal
The largest railway system in America – Canadian National (1932)
The legend is black – Carling Black Label
The mileage gasoline – Shell
The most treasured name in perfume – Chanel (1944)
The Power in Digital – Panasonic
The Rivalry Lives On – CFL
The soap of beautiful women – Calay (1932)
The Thorough Clean – Pinesol
There are no substitutes – Heinz Ketchup
There is no finer carbonated beverage – Pepsi Cola (1945)
To us, life is more than insurance – London Life
Tough enough for today’s world – Toshiba
Trusted by 3 generations of Canadians – Vaseline
We hurry – Gulf
We’re Fresh Obsessed – Dominion
Wear a moustache – Milk
What are you doing after work?- AGF
When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last – Rowntree
Will that be cash or Chargex
You make us better – Esso
You’re Ready – Mercedes Benz
Yours to discover – Ontario


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